Stamping dies are an essential part of the manufacturing process. They are purpose built, precision tools that cut and form sheet metal to a customer’s specific part drawing and material specifications. In this article, we will explore some of the most common components used in stamping dies along with innovative solutions that READY Technology can provide. 

Basic components of a stamping die

Die Sets, Shoes, and Plates  

Die Sets, Shoes and Plates are the foundation of any stamping die. They are usually made from steel or aluminum plates and are precision machined to ensure proper fit and function. Die sets include both upper and lower die shoes assembled with guide pins and bushings to create a set. 

READY Technology offers stock “Two Post, Plain Bearing” die sets off the shelf in a variety of sizes for quick delivery to help minimize down time. “Order today, and we’ll ship tomorrow!”  We also offer custom die sets using both plain and ball bearing guiding in Two and Four Post configuration as well as Aluminum Die sets. 

We specialize in complex 3-5 Plate die set designs.  

READY Technology has full manufacturing capabilities allowing us to supply raw plates to finished product. All our plates are precision Blanchard ground with 21 sizes in stock from ½” to 4” thick. READY Technology is your single source from complete machined die set to suppling all your die components needs.   

Guide Pins and Bushings 

SELECTIVE FIT® Pins & BushingsUsing high quality guide pins and bushings is essential for proper alignment and long life of a stamping die. Together, these two components help create an accurate and durable die set 

READY’s unique “Selective Fit system matches each pin to the correct bushing to achieve the proper fit. Each part is color coded, so if the color spot on the pin matches that of the bushing, the running clearance in each pin/bushing pair in your tool will be optimized for longer life.  

All READY guide pins can be used with either plain or ball bearing style bushings and are available in three styles; straight, demountable and double diameter. All pins are case hardened to 60-64 Rc and then core tempered for toughness. This dual function eliminates the need to inventory both plain and ball bearing pins. 

READY’s Plain bearing bushings are available in demountable steel and our unique, patented Sintered Bronze and SinterLube® bushings. Our patented Sintered Bronze bushings offer many advantages over the competitors plated bronze bushings. The sintered bronze in our bushings is substantially thicker and has a stronger bond than plated versions which tend to peel or flake. With a 40% increase in surface porosity over a plated bushing, the sintered surface holds the lubrication oil where you need it most to resist wear. The combination of the increased thickness, porosity and stronger bond means our bushing will provide the longest life possible under extreme conditions. READY’s SinterLube® Bushings are a no maintenance, self-lubricating bushing that is an innovative upgrade to Graphite Plug Bushings. This revolutionary product features a proprietary formula which requires no lubrication during production (after initial one-time application), yet it maintains its initial geometry and undergoes negligible wear, even after millions of press cycles. SinterLube® Bushing are perfect for molds and stamping dies where excess lubricant is an issue. 

READY’s Ball bearing bushings come in both straight sleeve and demountable type. 

The straight sleeve bushings have an optional feature called the “Ring System™”. The patented “Ring System consist of a slightly curved clamp which fits into a groove that is machined into the outer sleeve turning it into a demountable bushing. Straight sleeve bushings using the “Ring System are cheaper and take up less die space than traditional demountable bushings.  


DESIGN2TITE® Nitrogen Gas SpringsSprings are a crucial component in stamping die design, providing the force needed to form, hold, and strip metal. Springs also play an essential role in protecting die sets from damage by absorbing shock and vibration. Many different spring types are used in stamping dies including mechanical coil springs and nitrogen gas springs. Spring selection is based on many factors including force, travel and of course cost. 

READY SuperSprings® are simply the world’s finest die springs! There are almost 500 SuperSprings® available in four color coded load classifications that are in accordance with the ISO 10243 standard. Each SuperSpring® has the optimum design, pitch, metallurgical content and feature rectangular wire manufactured exclusively from vacuum degassed, valve spring quality alloy steel. State of the art equipment, including CNC coiling and grinding, is employed to achieve consistent dimensional accuracy within the narrowest tolerances. You won’t find a better die spring at any price! 

READY DESIGN-TITE® Nitrogen Gas Springs have one of the largest selections of gas springs and accessories in North America. There are three main components of a gas spring: body, stem/piston, and bushing. A threaded joint between these two elements, eliminates weld fatigue, a common problem with lesser quality gas springs. A mirror like, micro finish is used on the stem/piston to reduce friction and wear on the seals. A self-lubricating bushing is used that incorporates scrapers which cleans the stem with every stroke and helps reduce penetration of debris to extend the springs overall service life. READY DESIGN-TITE® Nitrogen Gas Springs are truly… Better by Design! 

We make your stamping dies work harder and last longer

Using high quality die sets and components is essential for proper alignment and long service life of any stamping die. The ultimate goal of a well-designed stamping die is to produce consistent accurate parts while minimizing maintenance, die crashes and down time. 

At READY Technology, we understand the importance of quality die set components and work diligently to provide our customers with innovative products that will save them both time and money. We take pride in our reputation as a leading supplier of die sets and components. Visit us today for more details.