Ready Plain and Ball Bearing components have a number of innovative design elements to increase the performance of your stamping tool, reduce your inventory costs, simplify die assembly and maintenance and maximize available die space.

Selective Fit Precision Guiding.

  • Each Ready pin serves a dual function – it can operate as a plain bearing pin or a ball bearing guide pillar. This saves you the cost of a dual inventory.
  • Ready’s Selective FitTM system matches each pin to the correct bushing to achieve the proper fit. Each part is color-coded (white, blue, or yellow), so as long as the color spot on the pin matches that of the bushing, the running clearance in each pin/bushing pair in your tool will be identical. Since the clearance grows in proportion with the pin diameter, Selective FitTM automatically gives you the proper running fit for your application.
  • You now have a choice of clamping methods with our demountable pins. You can secure the flange with traditional toe clamps and screws, or you can hold the pin in place with a stop washer mounted in the underside of the die shoe. By eliminating the toe clamps you gain extra die space.
  • Another innovation which saves space is Ready’s patented Ring System. In effect you can now use our ball bearing sleeve bushing like a demountable bushing. Since the sleeve bushing and Ring System clamps have a smaller footprint than a traditional demountable bushing you save on die space.

Special Custom READY Benders®

  • The READY Bender® is a highly efficient method of producing a wide range of different forms in metal. We make special custom benders, quoted by application.

Patented Sintered Bronze Bushings

Bronze plating is not a simple process. If the bushing is dirty or there are contaminants in the plating solution, the bronze will not adhere properly and will peel away from the surface. The fourth batch of bushings, for example, will be less likely to be defect-free than the first batch placed in a tank with fresh plating solution. The second problem with plating is that the thickness of the bronze layer depends on the plating time. A thick bronze layer is simply too costly to produce, and on large diameter bushings in particular, problems arise when the thin plating wears away and the underlying steel comes in contact with the guide pin.

READY’s Sintered Bronze Bushings solve both problems. Using a patented manufacturing process, a layer of bronze is sintered to the inside diameter of the steel bushing, creating a strong, reliable mechanical bond. The thickness of the bronze layer is not limited by time or cost constraints, so it is thicker than plated bronze, and it increases proportionally with the bushing diameter. You can test the bond strengths yourself. Cut through the diameter of a plated bushing and you stand a good chance to see peeling. Do the same with our sintered bushing and you will see that the bronze-steel bond is unaffected. If you need to shorten the inserted diameter to fit our bushing into a thin stripper plate, you can do so without harming it. There is a third advantage to our sintered bushings. Because sintered bronze is porous, it holds the lubrication oil in place and helps to maintain an unbroken lubrication layer, which improves wear resistance. The bronze pores act as small oil reservoirs, so our Sintered Bronze Bushings are more forgiving if maintenance has been overlooked. However, for best results, we recommend regular, periodic lubrication with a high viscosity oil.

  • Thicker Bronze: The sintered bronze in our bushings is substantially thicker than the plating technology it replaces.
  • Porous Surface: Holds the lubrication oil where you need it most, to resist wear. Sintered bronze is porous bronze, up to 40% porosity.
  • Stronger Bond: Our patented process forms a unique fusion bond so the bronze and substrate become one. See the 1000x magnification in the adjacent panel.
  • Wear Resistance:The combination of increased thickness, porosity and stronger bonding means our bushing is your best choice for high speed and eccentric loading. The longest life possible under extreme conditions.

SinterLube Bushing

These are unique proprietary self-lubricating bushings that replace graphite plug bushings. These bushings are primarily used in molds or dies producing hospital or food grade parts where you do not want to use lubricants.

After years of research and manufacturing process development, READY Technology proudly announces its latest and most dramatic contribution to our industry – the SinterLube® Alloy Bushing. This revolutionary product requires no lubrication during production, yet it maintains its initial geometry and undergoes negligible wear, even after millions of press cycles.

SinterLube® delivers what no other bushing can:

  1. SinterLube® doesn’t merely claim to be self-lubricating, it truly is self-lubricating, and it doesn’t abrade or close in on the guide pin like ordinary graphite plug bushings.
  2. SinterLube® has a tolerance comparable to precision guiding as opposed to the liberal tolerance of ordinary graphite plug bushings.
  3. Unlike the competition, with SinterLube®, there’s virtually no wear, even in the toughest applications

Simply put, SinterLube® outperforms the competition. Try SinterLube® for yourself and discover why this revolutions bushing should become the standard for your tooling.

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