About Ready Technology

Ready Technology is a global supplier of standard and custom quality components for the metal stamping and forming, plastic injection mold, and automotive industries. Our offerings cover all of your die component needs including benders, cams, die sets/plates, guide pins and bushings, gas springs, metal coil springs, and more. We also provide comprehensive die component machining and manufacturing services.

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Ready Technology Product Offerings

Cam Units

In metal forming, cams are components inside die tooling that transfers vertical ram motion into horizontal motion in order to create a part feature like a bend or pierced hole. Because they are compact, cams can fit into small areas in the die, allowing for more efficient use of materials and space. They include self-lubricating bronze bushings for easier maintenance and durability and come in a range of standard point diameters and stroke lengths for different tonnages.

Standard cams include a mechanical spring and are available with several additional design options including:

  • Positive return, in which the driver is designed to re-cock the trigger as the die opens
  • Angle mounting capability, for mounting the cam at an angle of 15 to 30 degrees
  • Shaped punch, with a round, orientation flat blank that can be cut into a circle, square, oblong, rectangle, custom shape, or left as a blank

Roller cams slide back and forth and include active trigger return design, operated with a nitrogen gas spring. These medium-to-high-speed cams are available with sintered steel guides for improved performance at high speeds.

Oil hydraulic cams are very compact and low-profile to fit into tiny spaces within the die. They are activated by a pump and high-pressure hose, which can be mounted several feet away from the cam itself. An optional control panel can be used with hydraulic cam systems for remote monitoring and to adjust nitrogen gas pressure on the return mechanism.

At Ready we carry an extensive selection of cam units that are affordable, durable, and customizable to your needs.

Die Sets & Custom Machining

Die sets are made of upper and lower flat plates, or die shoes, as well as the guide pins, and bushings that keep the shoes and other die components in alignment. Standard plates are in stock and available in two- and four-post configurations. Additionally, two-post plates are available with back, diagonal, or center post placement.

Die shoes can be made in aluminum or steel, and have many options for customization in terms of dimensions, thickness, and bearing style. For example, materials requiring less force may require thinner die shoes than a heavier-gauge metal.

Ready’s custom machining services allow you to select the exact components you need for your metal forming application. Manufacturing capabilities include vertical and horizontal milling, radial drilling, thermal burn table cutting, and more. Our team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen can help with your die set component and manufacturing needs.

Guiding Elements

Die shoes and tooling must remain in precise alignment in order to create parts within tolerances. Guide pins and bushings attached to the upper and lower shoes ensure that all components are properly positioned for each stroke of the press.

In most cases the upper shoe travels down to meet the lower shoe, and the guide pins move down into the bushings. Both plain and ball bearing guide pins are available, either as straight pins, demountable pins, or double diameter press fit pins.

Bushings are available for plain and ball bearing set ups and are available in both demountable and straight sleeve versions. Ready’s demountable plain bushings are available in standard steel or with a sintered layer of bronze on the inside diameter of the bushing. The sintering process is superior to bronze plating because it results in a thicker layer with a strong, mechanical bond for high wear resistance. What’s more, the porous nature of the bronze layer helps it retain lubrication, so there is no need to add more after the initial application.

All of Ready’s ball bearing cages, pins and bushings are compatible with other major brands.

Nitrogen Gas Springs

Like mechanical springs (i.e. metal coil springs), gas springs are used inside dies for metal stamping and metal forming applications primarily to hold down the part as it is being formed. Because the gas spring mechanism operates based on the pressure of gas inside the spring housing, it is able to apply an immediate, constant force from initial contact to final stroke. They can be used for the vertical motion of a die set during stamping and other metal forming processes as well as for motion control when adjusted to stay paused in a desired working position.

Instead of a metal coil, gas springs use pressurized nitrogen gas to store energy. A gas spring consists of a piston that glides in and out of a housing. Nitrogen is tightly sealed in the housing where it compresses as force is applied to the piston. When the force is removed, pressure releases and the expanding gas pushes the piston back up.

Ready’s Design-Tite springs come in a variety of lengths and diameters as well as motion control springs that can be paused at a desired working position.

With one of the largest selections of gas springs and compact die spring systems in North America, we’re sure to have a gas spring for any application.

Ready Benders

Rotary benders, or rockers, are used to create bends in sheet metal inside a press. They differ from traditional wipe bending or wipe tooling, in that the rocker rotates with greater leverage and over bends the part to allow for material springback. Benders consist of a spring-loaded cylinder with a lengthwise V-shaped groove. The bender fits into a base piece called a saddle. The saddle contains a deep lengthwise groove to hold the rocker and allows it to rotate smoothly to form an angle on the sheet of metal.

The bender assembly can be mounted on the upper or lower die shoe and is able to produce consistent bend angles within ½ of a degree, using reduced overall force. Because the bend is formed with a more gentle, rolling motion, there is no galling or other marking on the workpiece, making it an excellent choice for highly aesthetic or painted materials.

Ready benders are available with several optional features including:

  • Dart stiffener dowels
  • Over square bends (up to 135 degrees)
  • Tooth bending
  • “Hemmer” option for flat or slightly open folds


Mechanical springs are used inside die sets to provide part hold down or to lift internal die components that must travel during the stroke. The coiled metal stores potential energy when compressed, and releases the energy when released, extending to its full free length and pushing on the die shoe or other die component. They are often preloaded to apply force at initial contact.

Ready ISO SuperSprings are made from heavy-gauge alloy steel wire that is coiled and ground with CNC equipment. Crosswise the coiled wire is shaped like the letter D, which adds strength and durability to the spring. A large selection of standard lengths and diameters are in stock and ready to ship at all times. SuperSprings have been independently tested to last twice as long as the competition.

Quality Components by Ready Technology

When it comes to efficient manufacturing and your ability to produce parts within increasingly tight tolerances, only the highest quality components will do. At Ready Technology, our large selection of standard and custom cams, die sets, benders, and gas or metal coil springs can help you achieve your stamping and metal forming goals.

We are ISO 9001 certified and bring years of design, engineering, and die manufacturing expertise to everything we do. Please contact our team with questions, to learn about our products, or to request a quote