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 1. What type of gas springs do you use (micro, NAAMS, compact, etc.)?

 2. What brand or brands?

3. How many units approximately do you estimate you have running in tools in your facility today?

4. How many units of gas springs do you estimate you have on the shelf in your inventory?

5. Do the gas springs you use need to be repaired from time to time?

6. Do you do the repairs yourself with a repair kit or do you send them back to the supplier for them to repair?

7. If you repair them yourself, do you have any problems repairing gas springs and what skill level is the individual
     who does the repair?


8. When you send them for repair, how long do you wait to get them back?

9. If you send them in for repair, why donít you repair them yourself?

10. Would you want to repair your gas springs if it were simple, safe and quick?

11. If you found a reliable and competitive gas spring that you could repair yourself in minutes, would you consider
       switching brands?



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