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2 Post Next-Day Die Set Listing:


'L' Length?              
Include die shoe


steel bushings standard


Demountable Posts?   

'F' Length is above die shoe

Next Day Die Sets

Standard Plates example:
2S64-11 = 2 post stock

6" x 4" die space

1st thickness plates

Custom Die Set Configuration:

Explanation of the below fields:

'A' = B+P series overall width left to right, C+D series between the posts

'B' = B series in front of posts, front to back - see diagram

'J' = (bottom plate thickness)

'K' = (moving plate thickness)

'O' = (post or pillar diameter)  'L' = (length of post/pillar - see diagram)

'T' = (ball bearing die minimum shut height die life depleted)

'P' = (center/diagonal post die set alternate diameter)

BB Operating Conditions:

Type I = in preload entire stroke

Type IIA = partial preload relieving

Type IIB = preload relieving

Type II = completely disengage from posts

*Press Stroke (Ball Bearing Only)

Lifting holes (if needed + Size ie: 3/4"-10UNC / 1"-8UNC  etc)

Slug Burnouts (if needed) total length  (outside (linear) length of all burnout(s) edge(s))

Quantity Highlight the Style or Type die set(s) Click for Full SizeClick for Full Size
A Dim B Dim J Dim K Dim
O Dia L Length    

T Min. Stroke    

Ball Bearing Operating Conditions - (Stroke distance required to determine operating condition.)
Type I Type IIA Type IIB Type III
Shank  Yes    No
If Yes, Shank Size
Post/Pillar  - Straight Precision    Double Diameter    Demountable
Bushing/Bush -  Demountable  Shoulder    Short Shoulder     X-Long Shoulder    Sleeve(BB only)    Ball Bearing Demountable    Demountable Sleeve (Ring System)
Holding Plate Thickness (requires oversized stock) - (If yes, enter tolerance in notes section)
When needed - (otherwise, quote standard lead time)

# Lift Holes + Size #Burnouts + Total Length
+ +
Omit Post/Pillar? (4 post sets only) Yes      No
Stress Relieve? Yes      No
Special Notes or Requirements